Quality is who we are. From our designs, to our finished garments, our dreams to our successful achievements. Quality is what we do.

Product quality is our number one priority in this company. Fabric technology, Performance & Craft.

Fabric Technology

We have sourced some of the finest fabrics around the world, to provide a complete service to our customers who love to workout. No stone is left unturned in finding the very highest grade of fabric innovation.


From sweat-wicking fabrics to flat lock seams, our garments are put through the paces before they even touch the shelves. Our promise to you - You have complete confidence in pushing our activewear to the limit.


Through creating WearWolf, we've been able to develop strong bonds with manufacturers, ensuring every inch of their process is quality assured from sampling products, to paying their staff.


If you feel you have any problems/issues with our products or our customer service, please make sure you give us an email. Just like in fitness, we are always wanting to learn and progress and the only way we can ensure our quality is up to scratch on every occasion is through you.