Wearing the right workout clothes can make the ultimate difference between a fantastic workout and a session full of discomfort. Wisely investing in some stylish yet comfortable activewear is the perfect inspiration to kickstart your fitness, whether you’re hitting the weights, running through the bumpy streets or exercising in the comfort of your own home. We tend to make excuses when we don't wish to train - we can cross off 'clothing' as part of that.

There are plenty of T-Shirts, Long Sleeves & Hoodies to choose when you go shopping for brand new activewear. We recommend choosing a polyester/spandex and nylon/spandex blend of fabric when you sweat a lot. These technical garments such as the AirTech Range help wick sweat away from the body through the fabric onto the outer layer. With a slightly higher price tag, they are much more versatile and better 'bang for your buck' in terms of performance.

A lot of us wear cotton/spandex blends of fabric. Whilst this is not the worst thing in the world, as cotton is usually comfortable, you'll find that the more you sweat when training, the more perspiration it holds. The fabric will end up sticking to your skin and preventing you from cooling down. You may have noticed that when you peel off a sweaty cotton t-shirt, that your body shivers when theres a cold gust of wind.

Seams / Stitching

To get the most out of your technical performance activewear, you'll be better off looking for products that are 'seamless'. This flat lock seam style of stitching ensures the stitching does not irritate your skin on the inside. An example of this is the AirTech Range as noted above. This also helps prevent chafing, which a lot of runners suffer from when clocking up the miles. 


Nearly all of the products that we sell at WearWolf feature a spandex percentage. This allows us to design and implement a certain fit for our customers, whilst maintaining a high and versatile movement. Most technical t-shirts are a close-cut fit to the body, with a hugged sensation around the chest and arms. With the use of spandex, when your muscles expand during your workout, the spandex percentage allows the product to freely flow in any direction.

We strongly recommend you pick appropriate products for a specific activity. This will help you train with a higher degree of intensity and feel confident knowing the product is technically suited to that exercise. Being cool, comfortable and confident wearing activewear is an important part of working out. As we first said, let's cross off 'clothing' as one of the reasons we don't wish to work out.

WearWolf Clothing UK.

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by Kevin

It’s crucial to pick the right products when working out, nothing worse than being uncomfortable for two hours in the gym or out running and having your t-shirt soaking in sweat, stuck to your body! Pick wisely!