Rewards Program

June 15, 2016 1 Comment

We've introduced a new system that will allow customers who have an account on WearWolf, to earn points via different methods.

To view the Rewards Program, please login to your account (

Earning Points

To earn points to use online, simply click on 'Earn Rewards' on the bottom right of the website. You'll be able to browse the different ways that you can earn points.

  • Make a purchase - For every purchase you make, we will credit you account with 10 points per £1.00 spent. 
  • Refer a friend - You can now earn 500 points for every customer that you refer, who makes a purchase over £10.00. All you need to do is provide the referral code (via the Rewards Program). As soon as the customer makes a purchase over £10.00, you will be credited with 500 points.

Spending Points

You'll be able to redeem your points when making a purchase via your account.

  • £5.00 Off - Spend 500 points 
  • £10.00 Off - Spend 1000 points
  • £25.00 Off - Spend 2500 points

My Rewards

To view which rewards are currently available for you to use, simply click on the 'My Rewards' tab via the Rewards Program.


If you are having trouble or require further assistance, feel free to use the Contact Form.


Happy Earning!




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October 11, 2016

You really saved my skin with this inronmatiof. Thanks!

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